Anti-Semitism flourishes when Jews are murdered

In London, in Amsterdam, in Paris, pogrom moods have taken hold. Jews are afraid to walk the streets, they try to go somewhere quieter, because once the Israeli army enters Gaza it will only get worse. After all, even the politicians have run amok. How many of them were fooled by the hoax about the bombing of a Gaza hospital! Twitter was on fire with their expressions of indignation. It wasn’t hard for the Hamas thugs (in this lunacy titled by the Western media as „spokesmen” for some „Palestinian ministries”) to fool them – after all, the image of murderous Jews fits them with what their ancestors lived for centuries, and what they were forbidden to live themselves, because of the „post-Holocaust pause”. But now the break is over and business as usual is back, i.e. good old hatred of this perverse and infidel tribe.

I have learned over the years to ignore anti-Semitism. Although I encounter it every day and I am spat upon and insulted every day, I almost never react because, apart from giving satisfaction to the racists, I see no effect of such reactions. However, there are situations where a reaction is a duty to the victims. The Jewish victims – this time friends of the Palestinians living on the kibbutzim near Gaza and the youth festival participants no less empathetic towards them, nearly 1,500 of them bestially slaughtered by fanatical Hamas thugs – did not come from nowhere. It is not just Hamas and an anti-Jewish madness-ridden Iran. It is also the hundreds of millions of liberal, supposedly progressive Westerners, of whom the murderers can be sure of one thing: that they will not feel sorry for the Jewish victims, but will gladly avert their eyes from the nightmarish Palestinian crimes in order to drown out the moans of the dying with shrieks about the injustice of the bombed-out inhabitants of Gaza. To this scoundreldom that is rampant in the world today, to the shamelessness of people who cannot even afford to say openly as their predecessors did before the war: we despise the Jews!, every Jewish author has a duty to bear witness. So that everyone knows that a second Holocaust is just around the corner. And when it does happen – so that no one thinks it fell from the sky. And so that they themselves don’t think they are less Jew-Eaters than the Nazis, because they pretend to themselves that they are „only criticising Israel, and that’s not anti-Semitism”. Israel is criticised by the vast majority of Israelis – criticism, after all, is not the eager repetition of a rant that is believed for one reason only: that the Jew appears in it as an oppressor.

What we are witnessing today is unique. The whole world is shaking with spirited demonstrations of support for the Palestinians and, de facto, for Hamas. Pathos-laden words of anger and solidarity are being uttered by those in authority. No condemnation of the crimes of Hamas or sympathy for the murdered is to be found. Instead, it is easy to find belittling and almost justification of these crimes. And what advice to Israel? Should it continue to tolerate Hamas, which exists only to murder Jews? That no longer interests the anti-Semites.

I seem to know all this already and I should have been used to it for a long time. Whenever something happens between Israelis and Palestinians, there is a wave of hatred in the media and falsehoods sent out by terrorists, going around the world in the kind of mad exultation with which one carries a banner captured from the enemy in a victorious march. Together, this wave of madness is amplified by left and right public opinion – country after country. Until it sweeps the entire planet. So that both the Chukchi in Siberia and the Mapuche in the Andes hear the news that the Jew is a great thug! What a beautiful rapture!

Apparently I know this, because every day I see the tails of black Jew-hatred, numbering up to hundreds of posts and comments, trailing behind every statement condemning anti-Semitism or expressing empathy and compassion for the victims of terrorism. After all, I remember with what cold indifference the deaths of Jewish children, blown up by crazed „militants” on Israeli buses, were once received. The worst such assassination attempt took place equally twenty years ago in Jerusalem. I thought that this crime, in a series of similar ones, would move people, because, after all, it was children… Unfortunately, it was only Jewish children – it is only after the deaths of Palestinian children, used by terrorists as human shields, that we should cry. Jewish children are, after all, children of the perpetrators, children prepared from the cradle for the Holocaust of the Palestinians, for ethnic cleansing, children lost to the world of civilised people. But back then we didn’t have the whole ‚social media’ thing yet, and we could delude ourselves into thinking it was just insensitivity. Today we know that it is a living hatred. That the insane Palestinian joy at the murder of every Jew spills over in a wide, blood-warm wave to the „Christian nations”.

I don’t know how many anti-Semites will read this text, but it won’t be a thousand or two, so it might be worth making the effort to say a few more words. So listen to what a Jew has to say to you.

What you are told about Israel and the issue between Israelis and Palestinians, and what has been injected into your eager ears by propagandists working for terrorists and for regimes in Iran and a few other countries, has as much to do with the truth as Goebbels’ propaganda during the war, portraying Poland as the bastard child of the Treaty of Versailles, a parasitic quasi-state spreading over ancient German lands, ruled by an aggressive regime persecuting the German minority, and so on. This is exactly the same level. And the only reason you allow yourselves to be duped into this bullshit about a century of criminal Jewish violence and the brave self-defence of the tormented Palestinians is because you hate Jews. You are incapable of admitting it even to yourselves, so you take the great opportunity to falsify it by pretending that it is not about Jews but about solidarity with a people oppressed by nasty „Zionists”.

But do not imagine that there is even a shadow of truth in this. That, yes, you hate Jews, but the Palestinian cause is dear to you regardless. Really? The Kurdish cause likewise? The Rohingja issue too? How about the Tamil issue? How about the Tibetan one? Or is it about children killed? Because the children are innocent and they are all „ours”? Did you cry over the fate of Jewish children murdered by Palestinians? And what did you feel when the thugs slaughtered nearly one and a half thousand Jewish civilians on 7 October? That it was “good for them”? That the Palestinians had no choice? If you felt anything other than horror and anger, such as on 11 September 2001, then you are on the side of the terrorists. If the Hamas thugs are „militants” to you, if you blame Israel for the tragedy of the isolation of Gaza and not Hamas terrorising the people of this enclave, it means that hatred takes your mind off things. Do you know any country that would not isolate the space from which death comes to it? Maybe Poland would be the very country that would open the border in Israel’s place? Or do you know of any country whose citizens, who die every few days in terrorist attacks (they have been organised by Hamas almost every day for the last twenty years – on average once a week an attack is successful and an Israeli is killed), would not set up entanglements and try with all their might to thwart the supply of weapons to a deadly and declared enemy? But what do you care about the Jews and what you yourselves would do in their place! For you, even Hamas is something completely different from ISIS or another Al Qaeda, because in the end they are all about murdering Jews and not Westerners. Well, how so? Do you regard Hamas as a bunch of murderers, or a little less than murderers? Well, that’s right…

And don’t make any illusions that you care about any Palestinians. Not even a little. Do you happen to take one minute to learn about the injustices suffered by Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan? Or do you care about the brutal terror they are subjected to at the hands of their Hamas tribesmen, controlled by Iran? Do you sympathise with the people of Gaza over the tragedy they have suffered because their region has been overrun by a bunch of terrorists? I don’t think so. You care nothing and nothing about the Palestinians and their children dying under Israeli fire. Just as you do not care about dozens of other peoples under oppression of various kinds. You only have the Palestinians on your lips for one reason: they give you the opportunity to „safely”, supposedly without the risk of being accused of anti-Semitism, condemn the Jews. That is all. That is the secret of your „commitment”. But I, a Jew, say to your face: you are anti-Semites. The same as your ancestors in the 19th and 20th centuries. And it is people like you who create the social subsoil for the pogroms from which, years later, the Holocaust is born. There has already been one. Don’t worry, there will be another one! We are few and you are many. You can handle it! In the name of God! Yalla!

This photo from The Times of Israel shows one of the funerals of the victims of the 7 October massacre.