Trumpism – it’s the beginning of the end of this civilisation

One of my readers was so kind as to translate my recent blog post into Englih (from Polish). I could not prevent myself from publishing it. All of you operating inside the English-speaking world, please feel free to spread it. Thanks! And I say hello to those who read me in English!

The Polish Trump has the face of an inferiority complex-ridden, technologically challenged, angry and hurt country cousin who has no idea what real life is all about, and who is totally reliant on others to survive. Immersed in his own fantasies and fears he holds us all hostage to his paranoia which gradually infects the entire nation.

The Russian Trump is a seasoned Mafioso-type spy, ruthless, cynical and diabolically efficient. He holds Russia and the neighbouring countries in his thrall, ever ready to pounce. His goal is to rule over half of the world and chances are he may succeed. He has billions of dollars at his disposal but too much is never enough.

The Chinese Trump is a calculating Chairman of the largest company ” Made in China” the world has ever known. He is a hardline leader of the most powerful, corrupt political organisation known as the Chinese Communist Party which rules over shameless, brutal capitalism under banners bearing communist slogans.

The Turkish Trump is an oppresive, careerist and bigot, notorious for his populist rhetoric and unbridled greed for power.

The Hungarian Trump is an astute technocrat, quietly- turned -despot, ruthlessly exploiting national resentments and tapping into thwarted historical aspirations and ambitions of his disaffected countrymen. He is a man not greatly moved by the sight of fascist detachments and has little time for spurning chauvinism.

Still, no one beats the American brand of Trump, the greatest of them all as is everything else in America. An unparalleled, grotesque buffoon, pathological narcissist, manipulator, cheat, slanderer, crook, xenophobe, chauvinist and a brute ignoramus, Trump is but a contemptible avarice-driven figure devoid of any responsibility for his words and actions. A shameless, uninhibited galoot. A nocturnal spectre in the world over which the sun has set. He cuts a figure so absurd and terrifying that even its cabaret version would not make many spectators laugh. How naive does one have to be to give credence to the utterances of this compulsive liar spouting a mix of self contradictory inanities and lies, invectives and pure nonsense. No, no „system” can stop Donald Trump on his way to political adventurism, destruction of the state, dismantling of democracy and undermining of the national economy through corrupt dealings of a few rotten- to -the- core multibillionaires with unprecedented hold on power which fell into their laps.

This presidency will spell the beginning of the fall of the United States in favour of Russia and China. The world will not only lose its daddy, the sheriff will walk off the stage as well. The hitherto secure playground will become too scary a place to venture onto with all the bully boys hanging around the sandpit. It would appear that the common thread that runs through all the Trumps of the world are; unbridled ambition, cynical and shameless populism, disdain for the democratic tradition, praise of egoism and nationalism. Thus human rights and the strengthening of the peace process can take a hike. The same goes for the United Nations, climate change and environmental protection. Long Live the Old Ways! Long live exploitation, trade wars, monopolised economy, arms trade, savage plundering of natural resource! Long Live „America First”, „Poland First”, „Russia First”, „France First” any „first” will do. We will erect a magnificent Trump Tower reaching for the skies so that we will have something to jump from when the going gets tough.

And so, history has turned full circle yet again . The world, as before, has become a battlefield for strife among its quarrelsome rulers, trying to satisfy their insatiable ambitions through money and blood. The politics of responsibility and solidarity, the rule of law over political power, cooperation as opposed to rivalry, the rule of educated and culturally sensitive elites – was all but a dream. That dream lasted a few decades in the prosperous West only to be broken by the rude awakening of the voice of the people. One by one, the nations of Europe grew tired of watching the TV with its uninspiring stories about democracy , equality and human rights. Besides, all that is neither interesting nor does it put any food on the table. The mob has thus switched the channel to reality-shows finding them much more palatable and rewarding. Rewarding and palatable as they might be, all they do is exude rage and disdain. And if there is anything that the Trumps of this world are good at, it is the ability to harness this human disaffection, anger and fear, as well as, well -justified frustration. They are exceptionally adept in turning ordinary people into simpletons and in bringing out the worst in them, i.e., resentment, egoism, greed and envy. They are experts in tearing down the veil of human affection and digging deep into the murky layers of hate and resentment. These chefs know the recipe for their fascist treat that the world is so keen to feed on. It will take some time before it finds it nauseating enough to turn away from.